Welcome to Sewa Sanskriti Foundation

Every child deserves the chance to build their career. Smile Foundation is recognized to be one of the leading NGOs in India that offers a wide array of benefits to almost 40,000 children every year.

Our welfare projects

Our NGO also comes with multiple live welfare projects on women empowerment, livelihood, healthcare and education in different slums and remote villages across India. At Sewa Sanskriti Foundation, we understand that education is a prerequisite for a better and healthy life. Hence, we encourage children to go to schools to achieve a bright future. We have come up with the lifecycle approach of the development and focus on the intervention of the families, children and a large community.

Make changes in society by taking active participation in development

At Sewa Sanskriti Foundation, we believe till the members of this civil society are not taking participation during development, sustainable changes are not going to happen. Thus, we adopt the best approaches for sensitizing and engaging the civil society so that the residents of the country can take active participation in our welfare initiatives.

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