About Sewa Sanskriti Fundation

Saving the rights of children is what we dream. We are one of the leading NGO for Poor children. At Sewa Sanskriti Foundation, we have been known for helping more than 400,000 children as well as their families each year.

Our welfare projects for health growth of the society

We bring 200 live welfare projects on livelihood, healthcare, women empowerment and education in almost every slum and remote village across India. There is no doubt in the fact that education is essential for improving the quality of life. It provides empowerment to the individual for earning the livelihood as it enhances the awareness of a person over a wide range of issues.

Role of education in the life of a child

By receiving the right education, a person becomes a better citizen. At Sewa Sanskriti Mission, we make people understand that education can be the most powerful catalyst that helps in social transformation. Thus, we reach the mothers of the children to make them aware of the importance of education.

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