About us

Sewa Sanskriti Foundation is recognized to be one of the leading NGO for Poor children whose ultimate aim is improving the lives of families, women, and children.

We raise awareness for different social issues

We opt for different methodologies in order to create awareness among the members of the society over a wide array of issues such as appropriate social behaviour, healthcare for understanding the rights of a person. These processes help in making each and every person a better citizen. There are a lot of families in India who still do not understand the importance of education.

Education for underprivileged children

In a vast country like India, it is impossible for the Government alone to bring every child into the fold of education. In such a situation, it is our responsibility to make each and every family understand the benefits of education for underprivileged children. We reach the lowest strata of the society and provide education to the underprivileged children in India. We are trying hard in strengthening the existing education network and system in the country so that more children can get the opportunities of studying.

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