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Sewa Sanskriti Foundation has become popular in bestowing support to the lower section of people. We understand that the progress of our society cannot take place without the improvement of the lower section of people.

Our involvement in raising awareness among lower section of people

Hence, we have got ourselves involved in raising awareness and resolving the problems of the lower section of the people. We adopt different measures for assuring improved health to them. We make sure that the children are getting an uninterrupted education. This is useful for an improved and successful life.

Role of our team in making the society a better place to live in

We also ensure that the family of the children, especially the others are empowered and they understand the importance of education for their children. We have a strong team who works day and night to make the society a better place to live in. They are from diverse backgrounds and got involved in different social activities for improving the life of lower sections of the society.

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Today a large section of children remain uneducated as they cannot afford the basic education. As you donate for education, it can help them be a better person.
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Sewa Sanskriti Foundation plays an indispensable role in helping young children achieve their dreams. But their work will not be successful without your donations. According to statistics, more than 17 million children in India are working as the child labour.
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As they say, be the change which you want to see in this world. At times in life, we wait for people to turn around and help us for instigating different changes. It is due to our doubt in our own capabilities. We become paralyzed when it comes to action.
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Sewa Sanskriti Foundation is considered to be one of the top NGOs in India that fight for the social wellbeing of the lower stratum of people. We work for children's education, women empowerment, and their health.

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