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Donate online

Today a large section of children remain uneducated as they cannot afford the basic education. As you donate for education, it can help them be a better person.

Donate to help children achieve their dreams

Poverty comes in the way of the dream of people. In lieu of going to the school, they need to work in houses for taking care of their parents. These children dream of achieving success in their life. Your donations can help them achieve their dreams. Sewa Sanskriti foundation has been successful in collecting funds so that the children can achieve education via the Mission Education programme.

Your donation can bring a positive change in the society

Your donation can make a difference in the lives of these poor children. You can help the society to make a better place to live in. Believe it or not, but your donation can help in bringing improvement in the social and economic conditions of the nation. We have helped more than 22,000 children in providing education via 120 centres in 12 different states in the country.

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