Education for underprivileged children is another primary aspect of Sewa Sanskriti Foundation. We are committed to offering basic healthcare and education to the underprivileged section of the society.

Education is the best place to start

We believe that whether you are addressing population control, poverty, healthcare, education is the best place to start. Education is considered to be the means of a better life, indicating that it will be empowering the people for earning the livelihood as well as the end as it enhances the awareness of a person on a wide range of issues, ranging from the healthcare to the right social behavior for understanding the rights of a person. This is helpful to a person to evolve as a better citizen.

Initiatives for education of underprivileged children

Our initiatives for education for underprivileged children are inclusive of Pre-school, non-formal education, remedial education and bridge course. These educational initiatives are for those unprivileged children who are fighting under difficult circumstances like children infliction, children for parents with a very low income, etc. We also work for those children who are disease struck, belong to slum, runaway and street children, a child with the rare disabilities and those who are affected by the AIDS or HIV. We provide special emphasis to the women and girl education, ensuring that the families receive the empowerment.

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