Empowering Grassroots

Empowering Grassroots

There is a phenomenal growth in the non-profit sector in the country. Our country has the largest number of non-profit and non-government organizations across the globe. Starting from housing organizations to the healthcare projects, from educational initiatives to the relief services, the grassroots NGOs function in different spheres that touch the everyday life of different marginalized communities throughout the country.

Role of NGOs in thought making process

These NGOs take active participation in the thought-making procedure of communities. Thus, they are capable of bringing long-term changes in the country. The sector also takes substantial contribution in nation building procedure. However, accelerated development may reach a stagnant point in case it is not sustainable. These NGOs ensure the sustainability of different initiatives and focus on the capacity building for attaining competitiveness. For facilitating and equipping the grassroots, NGOs in the country are able to address the problems and aim to achieve the sustainable development at community and grassroots level.

Our initialization in empowering the Grassroots

At Sewa Sanskriti Foundation,we have started empowering Grassroots. The aim of our empowering Grassroots is providing training, hand holding and allowing CBOs or community-based organization in maximizing the influence on the ground.

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