Girl Child And Women Empowerment

Girl Child and Women Empowerment

Statistics reveal the fact that as we work for the empowerment of women, the entire society gets benefitted. However, in the country of India, women are denied the basic rights such as employment, education, health and even the respectable status in the society.

Programs for settling women issues

In accordance with the latest UNDP Human development report, the country of India has a significant imbalanced sex ratio. This contributes to being the primary cause of sex-selective abortions. We have launched a program for addressing such issues via an effective and simple approach. The ultimate objective of the program is the realization of the collective and individual self-esteem as well as inner strength for the socially excluded women, adolescent girls via different innovative community practices.

Tailor made strategies for the empowerment of women in India

At Sewa Sanskriti Foundation, we have come up with tailor-made strategies for the empowerment of women in India. Our program identified the adolescent women and girls from the community and developing them into different change agents so that they can make contributions to the community mobilization procedure in an effective manner.

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