It goes without saying that a person who has health has hope and a person who has hope can achieve everything. Our country has been successful in making rapid strides in the health sectors since the time of independence.

Health statistics in India

However, different eye-opening data from several studies indicate that getting access to primary healthcare is still a challenge. Though the health statistics of rural India is really poor, accessibility to health and health status for the poor people in the urban slum dwellers is a major concern. The lower section of the society has access to only 4% of the primary healthcare facilities of the government.

Our role in bringing healthcare opportunities to the poor

Urban slum dwellers are known for suffering from different adverse health conditions due to two primary reasons- the lack of education and the lack of awareness. The fear of losing the wage of the day is another reason why people avoid reaching the nearest medical facility. At Sewa Sanskriti Foundation, we adopt different strategies for bringing quality health care opportunities to the doorsteps of those needy people. We also work for promoting healthcare awareness among the citizens of India.

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