Our People

Our team of Sewa Sanskriti Foundation is comprised of people from various walks of life. These people have a variety of experience from different fields. However, they are working together towards one common mission- an improvement of the society.

Our team

Our team comprises of people from different backgrounds which are inclusive of corporate professionals, chartered accountants, MBAs, PR professionals, and consultants. Our team is considered to be the right combination of enthusiastic freshers and veterans of high experience. They have been working together in synchronization in achieving the core values of the Foundation. They are also known for driving individual action and thought.

Role of our team in delivering excellent social work

Our team has been successful in creating an ambiance where people are free for delivering excellent quality as well as taking pride in the work. Thus, our team members were provided with the right opportunities for connecting with each other on a regular basis. We strive to make a career for every person professionally enriched and personally rewarding.

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