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Sewa Sanskriti Foundation, the NGO in India has come up with programs that are formulated in a strategic manner for saving the girl child in the country. We have been successful in providing empowerment to the poor.

We render support for women empowerment

We have become popular in rendering support to the women empowerment. Each and every program, designed by us aimed at realizing the collective and individual self-esteem as well as inner strength for socially excluded and marginalized women as well as adolescent girls via innovative community practices.

Steps taken by us for addressing different issues

We have also taken specific steps with an eye to addressing different issues of availability, accessibility, and mobility of primary health care in different remote and rural areas and urban slums. We have set up a number of camps for meeting the healthcare requirements of different people. We have received high benefits from different healthcare programs, We have offered a bunch of healthcare services in different slums and remote villages in the different states of India.

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Children are the future of this country. In the emerging country of India, the development of underprivileged children is known for holding the key to the progress of the country.
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Education for underprivileged children is another primary aspect of Sewa Sanskriti Foundation. We are committed to offering basic healthcare and education to the underprivileged section of the society.
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It goes without saying that a person who has health has hope and a person who has hope can achieve everything. Our country has been successful in making rapid strides in the health sectors since the time of independence.
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The youth of India forms more than one-third of the population of India that constitutes a significant part of the labour force of the country. The number of unprivileged youth in the country lacking proper guidance and education is really huge.
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Statistics reveal the fact that as we work for the empowerment of women, the entire society gets benefitted. However, in the country of India, women are denied the basic rights such as employment, education, health and even the respectable status in the society.
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In our life, we mostly wait for other people for instigating different changes. At Sewa Sanskriti Foundation, we do not believe in our own abilities owing to which we become paralyzed in the action.
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There is a phenomenal growth in the non-profit sector in the country. Our country has the largest number of non-profit and non-government organizations across the globe. Starting from housing organizations to the healthcare projects, from educational initiatives to the relief services, the grassroots NGOs function in different spheres that touch the everyday life of different marginalized communities throughout the country.
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It goes without saying that children are the future of the country. They are recognized to be the top change agents to their community or family. It is indispensable for providing assistance to the children. It is also crucial in invoking the feelings of conscience and empathy so that they can grow as responsible people.
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At Sewa Sanskriti Foundation, we come up with different plans for the benefits of children in India. Here, we understand that the economic conditions of the country cannot be improved without educating the children.
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In India, almost 17.7 million children in the country do not attend schools. Living on the street, working in different hazardous conditions, violence, and poverty, braving the hunger, living on the street, causes endless struggle.

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