In our life, we mostly wait for other people for instigating different changes. At Sewa Sanskriti Foundation, we do not believe in our own abilities owing to which we become paralyzed in the action.

We can bring the changes in the society

We believe in the wrong notion that we are not totally capable of bringing significant changes, otherwise can get it. However, we always believe that we are unable to act alone. History reveals several witnesses that the most ordinary people have done the most extraordinary things. This individual action happens to be the need of the hour for addressing those social issues that are posing a threat to the development of the country.

Come forward and help children in getting rid of social evils

While there are 53 billionaires in the country, there are almost 17 million child labourers here. Though there is a gulping GDP growth, still 2 million children die every day in the first year of the birth owing to lack of medical facilities and immunizations. Hence, we have to come forward as an individual to get our society rid of these issues.

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