Children are the future of this country. In the emerging country of India, the development of underprivileged children is known for holding the key to the progress of the country.

Education for the bright future of children

The education of this children is a must for a bright future of the country. However, it is not possible to achieve education for these children without the assurance of the welfare of their family. Children will be able to go to school and continue their education only if the family members and mother is empowered and healthy. A steady income and decent livelihood are also indispensable for the family.

Lifecycle approach with various intensive programs

Sewa Sanskriti Foundation has come up with a lifecycle approach with different intensive programs that are focused on community engagement, the health of the family via women empowerment, that address the requirements of less privileged children, the larger community, and the families. Thus, we help in bringing an awareness among the different family members so that the children can continue their education and contribute towards the development of the society.

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