Privileged Children

Privileged Children

It goes without saying that children are the future of the country. They are recognized to be the top change agents to their community or family. It is indispensable for providing assistance to the children. It is also crucial in invoking the feelings of conscience and empathy so that they can grow as responsible people.

Programs for education for the underprivileged people

Sensing the requirements, Sewa Sanskriti Foundation comes up with several programs for conferring different privileges to the children. Sensitization of parents and privileged children, towards existing inequalities, is recognized to be a crucial objective of our organization. We sensitize privileged children about the pain and deprivation that is endured by underprivileged kids.

We help in raising awareness

Our mission introduces a value and conscience system in the children. This helps in becoming responsible citizens as well as change makers. This program helps in raising awareness of less privileged ones. This helps in turning the thoughts towards a positive manner and development of the right outlook. This helps in developing into responsible and successful individuals in life.

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