Supporters Speak

Supporters Speak

As they say, be the change which you want to see in this world. At times in life, we wait for people to turn around and help us for instigating different changes. It is due to our doubt in our own capabilities. We become paralyzed when it comes to action.

You can bring the required changes in the society

We think that we do not have the capability of bringing the required changes. However, this inability is all in our head. History says that the most extraordinary things are done by the most ordinary people. And the individual action happens to be the need of the hour for the country. Though there are 53 billionaires in our country, there are 17 million child labourers as well. In spite of having an amazing GDP growth, still, 2 million children die within a year of their birth owing to lack of medical facilities and immunization.

Take a small step to bring a significant difference

Hence, if you ever wish to make a change in the society. This time cannot be more right. You do not need to make radical changes in your life. Only a small step can bring a significant change in the society. Donate for education at Sewa Sanskriti Foundation and make the society a better place to live in.

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